'Navigating Contact' was my solo show at Studio Boise Photography Center. The show ran from June 2-28, 2018.

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Navigating Contact

I have been a photographer - in my own studio, as a photojournalist and for my own enjoyment - for decades. Over the past few years I noticed my photography overlapping with passions that have driven me most of my life, passions fueled by my experience of and exposure to injustice, unfairness, bullying and the marginalization of people who are considered 'other'.

My experiences led me to turn my camera towards people who caught my attention on the street. I have taken more than 100 street portraits, often of homeless people. That led to a project called 'Faces of Recovery,' dozens of portraits (so far) of recovering addicts who volunteer to let their faces tell their stories of hope and resilience.

Which leads me to 'Navigating Contact,' my most personal gallery exhibit.

At the core of many of the issues mentioned above is a lack of meaningful connections between individuals, especially if those individuals have disparate views or backgrounds. Researchers have found that the results of this lack of connection, especially a sense of loneliness, can lead to health issues, addiction, and even homicide or suicide. 

What keeps us from making more meaningful connections?

That's the question at the heart of 'Navigating Contact.' It is informed by my more than 20 years as a journalist and criminal defense investigator, fields that require me to make contact with all manner of people and to find a way for us to navigate that contact, often while discussing very difficult issues and subjects.

- Greg