Meditations on Beauty and Decay

When I stumbled upon this abandoned storefront in New Orleans it struck me as a metaphor for the tension between beauty and decay. Yet the more I look at it the more I see it as the beginning of a conversation, a foundation upon which to build. If that is the case, I wondered, then is it possible to hand a print to another artist and have them add their own voice to the conversation by doing whatever s/he wants to the image? Think of it as a coloring book with no rules other than to make it your own. Do with it what you will.

Each 18” x 24” print is archivally printed on 140 lb. Arches Bright White Watercolor paper that is 22” x 30”. The image has been brightened to allow for as much flexibility as possible.

I’ll provide the prints and you’ll own the results, with only one condition: if we can find a venue for an exhibit that you allow your creation to be put on display within the conditions of the venue.

Interpret this image.