'Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.' - Dorothea Lange


Greg Worthen has been a photographer for most of his life. His experience includes photographing in his own studio, where he specialized in black and white portraiture, and as a photojournalist. Today he is a criminal defense investigator who uses photography as stress relief. The more he gets into the photography the more his experience as an investigator informs his photography.

In 2017 Greg decided to attempt to show his work, so he took the plunge and applied for a solo show at Boise's Evermore Gallery. His show, 'Sur/Reality', was the only photography show selected for one of the gallery's month-long solo exhibits. It debuted in April 2017 and was the first opportunity for the public to see Greg's art photographs as they were meant to be seen: printed on the finest papers, framed and hanging on a wall. (You too can own a print, then frame it and hang it on a wall of your choice.)

One of the photos from the Sur/Reality collection, 'Marching', was later chosen as one of the few photographs to compete in Boise's Art Source Gallery's 15th annual juried art show. The photograph won 3rd place in the show, and was the only photograph to win an award.

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